Motorcycleambulances for reduced maternal mortality

Maternal Mortality is one of our times greatest challenges. The Eezer Initiatives entry point is to provide safe and affordable transportation of pregnant mothers from the home to the clinic.

“The hospitals were of limited use if women could not reach them.”

Hans Rosling, Factfulness


The Eezer Initiative

The Concept

The Eezer concept is based on the idea of ​​using materials and technology available locally. Small cheap motorcycles are now available everywhere in Africa and the material for towing devices and wagons is often found in the local market

The Need

The reduction of maternal mortality is one of the UN’s most ambitious development goals. The root causes are multifaceted and the transport between home and clinic is a clearly identified bottleneck.


The long-term goal is that all women in the African countryside should be able to go to a clinic in a safe and cheap way. In the first pilot phase, we have built 30 units that we lend to various organizations to develop the concept .

In phase two, we will build 300 units, so we will need your help…

Units so far

By making a monthly donation

"The Eezer is saving lifes for real!"

Jacksson Njapit
Clinical Officer, Koyaki Clinic
Maasai Mara, Kenya
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