This flooded road will stop pregnant mothers from getting to the clinic for safe delivery. But it didn’t stop our corporate partners Lundgrens  smide to do their job during last weeks follow-up trip to Kenya and Tanzania.lundgrenswater

Its on the move right now!

Our GPS system that we have attached to our first unit at the Nkinga hospital in Eastern Tanzania. Was just giving us an alert that it is moving right now it is heading North.

What we leave behind…

What we leave behind is not only MC-Ambulances and improved maternal health. We also build knowledge, skills and opportunities.

Söndag morgon

Någonstans just nu så gör en av våra MC-ambulanser sitt jobb! Just nu har vi fem operativa ekipage men med din hjälp så siktar vi på att ha trettio ekipage på marken innan årets slut!